• Radial Menu is a application launcher / desktop organizer for Windows.
  • Create your own startmenu by adding your programs, documents, hyperlinks or any other file to Radial Menu.
  • Create categories by adding groups to Radial Menu. Within a group you are able to create another group and so forth.
  • Choose from a number of themes to change the look and feel of Radial Menu.
  • In the configuration section the option is available to change the opacity of Radial Menu.
  • Also in the configuration section you have the option to change the size of Radial Menu.
  • You can add programs, documents or other files to Radial Menu by simply drag the shortcut or file to Radial Menu.
  • To move an item to another group simply right click the item to bring up the edit window and change the group to where you want to move it.